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30 Mar
Parents worry about Coronavirus but are faced with Court Orders that require their children to undergo custody exchanges.  Article on how to adapt to the crisis, by Ashley Stitzer of MacElree Harvey, Pennsylvania
30 Mar
Coronavirus emergency rules affect tenant's duty to pay rent - article by Egbert Frimmel of Frimmel | Anetter Rechtsanwälte (WLN members in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee)

30 Mar
More Covid-19/coronavirus - Swedish proposals for effective measures to save small businesses.  Article by Lars Wenne, partner of Flood Herslow Holme Advokatbyrå (WLN member)
30 Mar
Temporary employment law measures to address the Coronavirus / COVID-19 crisis, summarised by Francis ten Broeke, Advocaat / Attorney at Labré advocaten, Amsterdam (WLN member firm)

23 Mar
Further update: affecting bankruptcy & corporate governance under Royal Decree nº 8/2020 (17 March 2020). Outline by Gloria Viñals of Bufete Mañá-Krier-Elvira (Barcelona)
19 Mar
Is COVID-19 a force majeure that will shield affected companies from liability for non-performance under US law?  Briefing by Jennifer van Doren of  Morningstar Law Group (North Carolina).