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03 May
In an earlier article we wrote about the amendment to the Housing Act 2014 as of January 1, 2022. This amendment has given municipalities the opportunity to draw up rules regarding the prohibition of the rental of certain homes.

28 Apr
Limited Liability Partnership (Amendment) Rules, 2022 were brought in to align with the Government's vision of reducing the burden of compliances and facilitating the ease of doing business in India. The amended Rules introduce key changes.
22 Apr
On Friday 22nd April, the WLN held its third 'Speedy Meetings' event. These events allow our members to enhance professional relationships and business opportunities through multiple face-to-face meetings.

21 Apr
The Employment Department at Labré explain how transgressive behavior in the workplace can be prevented (as much as possible) and what an employer can do if a report about such behavior is made within the organisation.
07 Apr
On the 53rd birthday of our member firm bureau Plattner, they reflect on the firm's accomplishments over the last year.