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28 Jul
Press release: bureau Plattner with the Austin Group in the acquisition of the majority shareholding in Aida. Team led by Partner Massimo Petrucci.
26 Jul
Philip Henson of ebl miller rosenfalck outlines the Gibson vs Lothian Leisure case to show the need to take early legal advice when faced with a grievance from an employee.

22 Jul
Gautam Khurana and Abhishek Hans at India Law Offices explain the effects of lockdown and provide recommendations for individuals and companies in the case of future lockdowns.
16 Jul
Flood Herslow Holme has assisted the three children in the dispute "Diamond dealer's gifts" which was decided by the Supreme Court on 16 July 2021 (case no. T 4171-20).

01 Jul
We are pleased to announce that from July 1, 2021, attorney Konrad Goszyc joined the group of Partners of Kacelaria Gorazda, Świstuń, Watroba and Partners.
30 Jun
Konstantin Fischer, from our member firm in Salzburg, discusses to what extent an expert is liable for an incorrect expert opinion.