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28 Apr
NICE TO MEET YOU: SCHMID FRANK Rechtsanwälte - Why IT security law is becoming even more important for start-ups

26 Apr
Franziska Eckerstorfer outlines a recent Supreme Court case dealing with the use of the first and last name for the identification of goods in 4 Ob 131/22a of 18.10.2022.
21 Apr
Our sister network, ASEAN Legal Alliance, have just announced this accomplishment from one of their member firm partners!

18 Apr
Labré advocaten outline the new bill: 'Temporary law on transparency of turbo liquidation' that was passed by the Senate on 14th March.
18 Apr
Since the Home Ownership Act of 2002, the car parking space has been considered a property suitable for home ownership; accordingly, it is no longer possible to justify ownership of an accessory apartment.