Member area

Meeting each other is at the heart of Networking.

 WLN organise 2 conferences each year, each time in a different country hosted by one of the member firms. The networking that takes place at these events is crucial to the referral activity within the network. We invite high profile speakers who are able to substantially contribute to the development of the network, our skills, commercial leadership and to discussions within our profession.

 Upcoming WLN conference dates:

  • Autumn 2017 - in Kraków, Poland from 28-30 Sept 2017, hosted by Gorazda, Świstuń, Wątroba i Partnerzy;
  • Spring 2018 - in Dublin, Ireland from 1-3 March 2018, hosted by Noel Smyth & Partners; and
  • Autumn 2018 - in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA from 20-22 September 2018, to be hosted by Morningstar Law Group.


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