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WLN NEXT (formerly called AGT) was born out of the idea of developing regional activities within WLN. The group brings together junior lawyers / associates from the Network’s member firms and meets on a regular basis. While the group originally focused on central European countries, it has more recently branched out to cover the other countries of the network.

The group supports projects within the network and contributes in the form of newsletters and articles for the website, activity on social media and keeping individual lawyers’ CVs updated.

Further aims of WLN NEXT are to …

  • contribute - in the spirit of the network - to strengthening links between member firms
  • create maximum awareness of the network and its projects within each member firm
  • Boost visibility & productivity (speed up responses)

Experience gained working abroad is invaluable in adding long-term value to the work we do for our clients.  WLN's associates regularly spend time in the offices of our fellow members and WLN promotes this learning culture through the Jorge Mañá Young Lawyers Award (named in memory of one of our colleagues who died in an accident several years ago), where each year we offer one lawyer a small bursary to support a focused placement. 

Full details of the Award can be found in the Members' area, click here.

Previous winners of the Award speak positively of their experience:

"During my time with Aquinas I had a chance not only to practice my Mandarin language skills whilst exchanging experiences with the fellow Singaporean and Chinese lawyers, but also to observe the client's meeting conducted in Mandarin concerning the proposed family office structure for a Chinese client which I found very interesting.

Aquinas Law Alliance LLP provided me with an invaluable experience which I am certain has benefitted my professional development and, as a result, will benefit my clients.

The team at Aquinas Law Alliance LLP is fantastic. They are not only great lawyers but also very warm, welcoming and fun people who showed me a piece of Singapore seen through the eyes of a Singaporean lawyer."

Kamila Segien, ebl miller rosenfalck, winner of the Award in 2023, who completed her placement at Aquinas Law Alliance, Singapore.


"I was warmly and enthusiastically welcomed by my colleagues at Themis Studio Legale upon my arrival at the office on 3 April 2023.

I worked with colleague Paola Prati on the assessment of a project agreement between European companies subsidised from Europe. That was bulky and complex work, but challenging and therefore fun. 

To all board members of Warwick Legal Network, colleagues at Themis Studio Legale and my own employer Keizers Advocaten I simply say ‘Grazie’ for this great experience.

A wonderful future collaboration lies ahead, no doubt for that."

Pietro Bonaparte, Keizers Advocaten, winner of the Award in 2023, who completed his placement at Themis Studio Legale, Reggio Emilia.

"I was very enthusiastically welcomed at the office by both partners and fellow associates. Also was I immediately assigned to my 'buddy' Alice Thörn, as well did I receive my own workspace and files were ready for me to do some research, review or draft an advice in.

As if things couldn't get any better, managing partner Anna Stenson had a case for me involving a Belgian company as the counterparty, where Dutch words had simply been left in the contract. All the more reason and a pleasure for me that they gave me this file to look into and that our legal knowledge could thus be combined together. 

Between all the legal work and experiences, it struck me that at FHH the work atmosphere is also top-notch! For example, on Wednesday afternoon they have a "fika". This is a social custom in Sweden where work (or other daily activities) are interrupted by getting together, drinking tea or coffee and eating something (delicious and sweet!). It happens at a scheduled time and is deliberately used to take a break and maintain social contacts, as well as to eat something tasty at work!"

Evelien Pijfers, Everest Law, winner of the Award in 2022, who completed her placement at Flood Herslow Holme, Stockholm.


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