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12 Jan
WLN member firm bureau Plattner are delighted to announce the promotion of eight of their professionals this year!
11 Jan
Antonia Harteva, of Mikinski & Partners, outlines the rights and options of passengers who find themselves facing flight delays, cancellations, and other issues while traveling.

09 Jan
Chris Fulmer, of Morningstar Law Group, summarises some of the key changes to privacy laws in the US and beyond.
22 Dec
Petra Walkner, of member firm Zumtobel + Kronberger, outlines a recent case in which the Supreme Court dealt with the question of whether a superadificate can be justified retrospectively.

21 Dec
As of January 1 2023, partners Christoph Jenny and Simona Gallo, together with their team of lawyers specializing in corporate M&A, commercial and corporate law, contracts, compliance, and privacy, will strengthen the corporate M&A department…
16 Dec
On 27 - 29 October 2022 the network met in Zürich to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Warwick Legal Network!