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15 May
Are alliances a valid strategic response to the economic effects of the Covid-19 crisis?  This article addresses that question - by Marcello Pollio and Massimo Petrucci
15 May
Update on the temporary measures to safeguard companies and to support (temporary) liquidity problems - by Sebastiaan Meeuwens, Advocaat at Legalis advocaten, Belgium (WLN member firm)

13 May
Our Luxembourg member firm has further strengthened its capacity in private equity & investment funds
11 May
Commentary on preliminary ruling of CJEU of 30 January 2020 in the case: I.G.I. Srl v. Cicenia, Di Pierro, De Vito and Raffaele, case C-394/18 - by Jordi de Pijper & Sjef Bartels at Labré advocaten, Amsterdam

06 May
Further update: affecting bankruptcy & court cases under Royal Decree nº 16/2020 (28 April 2020). Outline by Gloria Viñals of Bufete Mañá-Krier-Elvira (Barcelona)
06 May
New immigration rules & relaxing of requirements, to help UK business & migrant workers - summary by Helen Murphie, Legal Director of ebl miller rosenfalck (WLN member firm, London).