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WLN Next meeting, Kraków: 28-30 Sept 2017

12 October 2017
Susanna Grichtmaier


Having met in Budapest in April 2017 the last time, WLN Next once again joined the main WLN conference in Kraków from 28-30 Sept 2017.  While we did join the WLN Academy and the interactive workshop on 'influencing skills', we also had our own working session in the offices of host firm, Gorazda Świstuń Wątroba i Partnerzy (GSW).

We were pleased to welcome Ece Birinci, Christina Leung, Katarzyna Łochowska and Konrad Goszyc as new faces to the group, and so we started with a summary of current WLN projects and our group’s aims, including:

  1. WLN Next promotes work placements within the network. For those interested to spend some time working with another member firm we have published further information about the Jorge Mañá Award and Connecting the Dots in the member area of the WLN homepage.
  2. In our last meetings in Barcelona and Budapest we focused on a legal knowledge exchange, in which each delegate prepared a brief presentation about a legal topic for our working session. This interactive approach has proven to be a good basis for discussion. We will very likely keep this idea of knowledge sharing and may combine WLN Next meetings with the WLN Academy in the future.
  3. Iwona raised the idea of revitalizing one of WLN Next’s initial ideas, namely to offer and organise a “support function” whereby WLN Next members can ask each other for help with a narrow query relating to their jurisdiction, where the query requires less than approximately 1 hour’s time to answer. This possibility could help our group’s members to get quick and uncomplicated advice.
  4. Another task for WLN Next in the future is to contribute to the network’s social media content. So, continuing to contribute articles for the newsfeed section, drafting joint legal papers or starting conversations on social media about legal topics with international relevance - all these will be projects for WLN Next  to get involved with.  The idea is to pick one topic which has or could have an impact in cross border matters and discuss and comment on that topic on LinkedIn and/or Twitter, sharing different point of views.  
  5. Last but definitely not least was Natalia’s presentation about the reform of the Polish judicial system including the controversial issue of judicial appointments and dismissal, which gave us very interesting insights about both the political and legal background and different point of views within Polish society.


A big thank you to Iwona and Natalia, our hosts from GSW in Kraków, who gave us such a warm welcome.

For more information, contact:

Susanna Grichtmaier, Rechtsanwältin

ebl factum rechtsanwälte, Frankfurt

t +49 69 74749-120  


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