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Corporate M&A Focus Group Meeting

22 May 2023


On Monday 22nd May, the WLN Corporate M&A Focus Group met for a virtual meeting. Chair of the group, Sjef Bartels, was joined by Jelmer Feenstra, Carlo GurioliScott Ryan, Patrick GilmourSebastiaan MeeuwensJessica WehmeierAbhishek HansNick BogdashFelix Schwartpaul, András Reinhardt, and Luca Trondl.

The first part of the meetingcentred around our group project, which will focus on the regulation of direct foreign investments. As always, we also gave members of the group the opportunity to share any current news and changing laws in their jurisdictions, which is very useful for the rest of the group and the network as a whole.

If you wish to join our next meeting on Wednesday 28th June at 15:00 CET, please contact Hannah at - we would love for you to join us.


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