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Learning to change, practising to spring...

18 May 2023


What did we learn in the WLN conference in Cyprus?

We learnt that most of us (in the conference room) are digital immigrants. We were born in an ecosystem of TV (for some of us black and white), telephone, telegram, and fax. In contrast, new professionals and future clients are digital natives (some already are). The internet was already part of reality when they took their first breath.

The speeches of our two awesome speakers demonstrate that we must change before the change swallows us.

The fantastic speakers were two former Ministers in Cyprus: Professor Philippos Patsalis, the former Minister for Health; and Mr Kyriakos Kokkinos, the former Deputy Minister for Research, Innovation, and Digital Policy. Both gave us a dual perspective as figures in public administration but also as entrepreneurs in an innovative field. Their one hour speeches were too short for all of us – we could have listened for hours.

We are happy that the press were there to record this significant moment in our conference!

Once we learned that we must adapt to the upcoming ecosystem; it became clear that – as well as talking about it – we must spring into action. That is what we practised on Saturday. In fact the title of the conference foretold this: “Spring into the Future: from Aphrodite to AI”.

WLN Lawyers from their twenties to their sixties sprang into Mediterranean water to represent the spring that we should make in this new world.

Let us leap into this new world of AI with the right attitude: the mindset and understanding that we can succeed!

At Warwick Legal Network, we are now ready to spring!

Are you?!


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