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China: we welcome new member Shanghai Yingdong law firm

13 March 2019
John van Loo


The Board of WLN is delighted & excited to welcome Shanghai Yingdong Law Firm into our network.  

Shanghai Yingdong Law Firm was the first office set up by Yinghe Law Group in Shanghai, China.    The International Team of Shanghai Yingdong Law Firm is led by Ashley Chen and Jackie Wu:

  • Ashley Chen leads on all litigation and dispute resolution matters;  
  • Jackie Wu is responsible for non-litigation projects.


Background:  Yinghe Law Group is a full-service law firm with over 500 lawyers located in nearly 100 first-tier and second-tier cities of China.  Under the “Winteam 500” brand, Yinghe has gathered together leading lawyers with multi-disciplinary backgrounds all across China, many of whom had previously served in government, financial and other industries.  Yinghe lawyers possess a wide range of legal experience and skills, with expertise in corporate, private equity, corporate securities, financing, governmental relations, licensing, franchising, labor, intellectual property and litigation.

Partner of Shanghai Yingdong Law Firm, Jackie Wu  said: “We have lawyers who speak English, Italian, Japanese and Korean fluently, professionals who are active in many different legal fields. Joining the Warwick Legal Network will help us to serve our clients as we build a stronger network and relationships with law firms all over the world. We believe that our familiarity with Chinese customs and regulations and our broad range of expertise, together with a strong network in China and overseas, focus on management and growing our foreign clients’ businesses, make our International Team unique in its ability to effectively assist foreign clients in the Chinese marketplace.”

Managing Director of WLN, John Van Loo  said: “We are delighted to welcome Shanghai Yingdong Law Firm to Warwick Legal Network.  China is a world-leading economic power; and this is WLN's first office in the country.  We're very excited by this opportunity, as we strongly believe it will add a new and important dimension to the services that can be offered to the clients of WLN's member firms.  The Shanghai team led by Ashley Chen & Jackie Wu is highly professional, energetic and fast growing - all attributes that businesses look for when appointing legal counsel. We look forward to a prosperous and long-lasting co-operation."

For further information on Shanghai Yingdong Law Firm, please contact:

Jackie Wu, Partner

Shanghai Yingdong Law Firm


m: +86 13564532953


Ashley Chen, Partner

Shanghai Yingdong Law Firm


m: +86 13761265144


For further details on WLN, please contact:

John van Loo, Managing Director

Warwick Legal Network, Amsterdam


m: +31 6511 49025




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