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22 Jul
In 2012, the EU published a new regulation (no 650/2012) with respect to matters of succession.
14 Jul
Stuart Miller, Chairman if WLN and partner at ebl miller rosenfalck on Business Connections Live

14 Jul
On 1st September 2014, the law introducing collective redress in Belgium came into force. The law forms part of the new Belgian Code of Economic Laws (book XVII, 2nd title). Collective redress makes it possible for consumer groups to sue a corporatio…
02 Jul
  The CJEU’s latest jurisdiction on the prohibition of age discrimination   The Court of Justice of the European Union (“CJEU”) has in recent years stated that a German provision according to which periods of service pr…

29 Jun
Austrian authorities adopted the “Labour- and Social Law Amendment Act 2014” (ASRÄG 2014) implementing stricter rules against wage dumping with effect from 1 January 2015.
25 Jun
Amendment of the Spanish Companies Act   On 18th of December 2014, Law 31/2014, dated 3rd December came into force, amending the Spanish Companies Act with the aim of improving corporate governance.