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Argentina: Unexpected Income Tax

15 June 2022
Andrés Willa


Bill to amend the income tax, seeks to incorporate an additional rate of 15%, one time only, for companies that have obtained an "unexpected income".


The companies would only be reached, to the extent that compliance with the following requirements is verified concurrently:

1. that the Net Taxable Income or Accounting Income is at least $1,000,000,000 ; Y

i) that the Accounting Result is, at least, greater than 10% of the total Income; either

ii) that the Accounting Result represents, with respect to the total Income, a percentage equal to or greater than 20% of what it represented in the previous year. For the purposes of the calculations mentioned in this numeral ii , the income tax itself and the results from the extraordinary income and/or expenses indicated by the regulations should not be considered.

Rate and tax base

The affected companies should pay an additional rate of 15% , one time only, on the Excess Net Taxable Income (which results from comparing that obtained in the year of application, with respect to that of the previous year, adjusted by the variation of the Index of Consumer Prices and increased by 10%).

For the purposes of this additional rate, earnings exempt or not taxed from Income Tax would be included.


This additional rate would only be applicable for the 1st year closed between the 1st day of the month immediately following the publication of the law in the Official Gazette and the last day of the 12th month immediately following that date.


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