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19 May 2015

On April 8th the most productive of the meetings took place in the premises of Shanghai Promise Law Firm being present on behalf of Warwick Legal Network (WLN): Isabel Fernández; from India Law Offices (ILO): Gautam Khurana and representing Shanghai Promise Law Firm (SPLF): Lenon Woo, Joey Yang, Tricia Zhou y Soomin Jun.
The meeting started with a description of SPLF by Soomin Jun, and a conversation on corporate clients of the different law firms involved was held.
Isabel Fernández described the evolution of WLN since its incorporation in 2001 and explained the benefits of being part of such a network of independent law firms which is clearly in expansion and which has yet to have representation in China. She informed of the requirements and steps to become WLN member and Lenon Woo and his colleagues showed great interest in this.
SPFL has close contact and representation in 32 countries share WLN philosophy and values on the whole. They have already experienced how important is for their clients investing abroad to be assisted by reliable partners so they are eager to collaborate with WLN.
In this line Gautam Khurana presented his Corporate Match Program. Everybody in the meeting showed great interest in the business opportunities this program could bring to the member firms. Gautam Khurana, founder of ILO with offices in New Delhi and 4 other cities in India, explained how the program works and has generously offered it to the attendants to generate synergies, joint ventures and M&A work, among the different clients who decided to join the program.
With this first visit the process of incorporating SPFL into WLN has started. Lenon Woo, principal partner of SPFL has been invited to participate in our next conference and will join us at London in November to meet the partners of WLN member firms there.
WLN received a wonderful reception in Shangai by SPFL team who is excited about advancing the relationship with WLN. This alludes to a prosperous future.

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