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Italy: we welcome new member Studio Peluso Avvocati, Naples

23 July 2019
Stuart Miller


The Board of WLN is proud to announce that Studio Peluso Avvocati has joined our network.

Studio Peluso Avvocati is an Italian law firm established in 1992, based in Naples, which mainly operates in Central and Southern Italy. It specialises in commercial law and in over 25 years of experience has consolidated its expertise in the fields of corporate planning and business strategy techniques. Its aim is to guide companies which intend to invest and operate in the Italian and European territory, from their birth through the subsequent development and expansion phase, assuring them an interdisciplinary, continuous, complete and high quality professional assistance.

The firm is composed of a team of professionals operating in the various fields of the law and economics, each with her or his own specific expertise in the various branches of the business world and organized, through well-established external collaboration agreements, with additional professional and technical figures (such as notary, marketing and advertising, architecture and design, engineering). Studio Peluso, in keeping with the Neapolitan art clothing tradition, likes to call itself a "sartorial" law firm, which -using codes and laws such as scissors and fabric- deploys all its enthusiasm and passion to cut and sew a different legal suit every time, to perfectly fit the particular business needs of each client.

These professional services are indispensable for anyone wishing to seize the innumerable investment opportunities- especially in the tourism, hotel and infrastructure sectors- which Naples and Southern Italy, with their thousand colours and extraordinary artistic, historical and natural beauties offer today.

Studio Peluso Avvocati specialises in the following areas:

  • International interport logistics;
  • International distribution and development of franchise networks;
  • Wholesaling;
  • Renewable Energy;
  • Clothing and fashion;
  • International Maritime Transport;
  • Building Constructions and Environment;
  • Tourism, sport and entertainment;
  • Shopping Centres.

Founding Partner of Studio Peluso Avvocati, Massimo Peluso said: “I heard about Warwick Legal Network from a colleague and close friend and fascinated by his enthusiasm in telling me about his experience, my curiosity increased. Well, I must admit that the relationship that has developed has been greater than my already optimistic expectations! From the very first chat with Stuart and John through the visit to Naples and, above all, in the experience of the last  WLN meeting in Milan. I see in Warwick Legal Network not only a valid means of growth and professional development, mutually useful to all professionals, but also and above all the pivot around which it is possible to build and consolidate true and lasting friendships between people as such, wherever they are in the world. This human aspect is the real secret to face the challenges, not only legal, that the future will reserve for us. It is therefore with great pleasure and joy that I greet the news that my team can be a part of the Warwick Legal Network."

WLN Managing Director, Stuart Miller commented: "We're delighted to have Studio Peluso Avvocati on board in WLN.  The firm brings a wealth of regional business law and investment experience in southern Italy, as well as a notarial practise.  The firm has a fun, professional ethos and palpable enthusiasm for its clients and their work.  And we continue to strengthen WLN's presence in Europe, just as we do in most other continents - wherever our clients need representation."


For more information, contact:  

Gennaro Casoria, Partner

Studio Peluso Avvocati, Naples


t: +39 34 56513902




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