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WLN elects new chair: Renata Warchoł-Lewicka

27 March 2019
Stuart Miller


The WLN Board is pleased to announce that it has decided on Thu 20 March 2019 once again to appoint a Chair.  WLN has not had anyone in this role since late 2015.  It is intended for the office-holder to act not only as Chair of Board meetings, but also as a figurehead for the network.  The Board anticipates that the role will typically be held for periods of 12 months, running with the calendar year.  

We are delighted to confirm that the newly appointed chair for 2019 is Renata Warchoł-Lewicka (Kraków, Poland).  The Board would like to congratulate Renata on her appointment, which comes some 4 years since her first election to the Board.   Renata is the first woman to be elected to this role.

WLN has two Managing Directors - John van Loo and Stuart Miller.

The Board also approved development portfolios at last week's meeting in Milan, and allocated them to Member-Directors (in order to support the work of the Chair and Managing Directors) as follows:

  • Chair - member relations
  • David Elvira - marketing and WLN Academy
  • Frank Engelhard - finance
  • Gautam Khurana - new members
  • Mario van Santvoort - WLN Next group
  • Thomas Schneider - quality assurance and the WLN trademarks
  • Renata Warchoł-Lewicka - work referrals
  • Randy Whitmeyer - external alliances and conferences


The above roles are reviewed each year. 


For more information, contact:

Stuart Miller, WLN Managing Director
t: +44 7812 062487

John van Loo, WLN Managing Director





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