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WLN conference 21-23 March 2019 in Milan, Italy

21 Mar 2019 - 23 Mar 2019


We are delighted to confirm that our conference hosts will be Bureau Plattner and the hotel venue has now been booked for WLN's spring 2019 conference, so please note:


Please use the following booking link :


As you will see, it's an excellent hotel, located just 5 minutes' walk from our hosts' offices.

The conference programme is available for you to download under the link below in the Member Area only.

We suggest that you:

  • note the dates;
  • share them with your teams; and
  • go ahead with your flight and hotel arrangements! 
The WLN online booking form and programme are now available in the Member Area, to complete your arrangements.  


Highlights of conference: "Are we living in a smart world?"

We have several great external speakers to lead sessions on the law and its role in future:

  • Smart city technologies: urban energy; design; the future of the city; and "infomobility".
  • Smart cities & their impact on society, key enabling technologies; social models; challenges for local & regional authorities.
  • Smart cities & their funding - how will PPPs look in future; case study on building an urban heating district.
  • Is there a role for cryptocurrencies in smart cities?


Outline of conference timing:


See draft Conference Programme below for greater detail. 


The WLN Board is very keen to promote our networking at conference and for all members firms to attend regularly. It’s very disappointing to the hosts to make all the efforts of setting up such an event, only for too many members to stay away. And we also want to promote a healthy mixture of both the more experienced partners and those who might attend for the first time. Healthy for the long term prosperity of WLN’s member firms.

With all that in mind, the WLN costs* of this conference will be as follows:

-  1st delegate (from all firms) - €490 each

-  2nd and further delegate(s):

  • €440 each (i.e. 10% discount); except
  • If such person has not previously attended a main WLN conference: €340 each (i.e. 30%, “1st timer” discount)

* excludes your hotel and travel, which you pay directly.

-  Accompanying person - €140 each 

-  Saturday social programme - €60 each


For more information, contact:

Stuart Miller, WLN Managing Director
t: +44 7812 062487

John van Loo, WLN Managing Director